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When Stevenson family came over to visit Mikes family he was like "oh, man wtf am I going to do with them". But when he saw that Stevensons brought their incredibly sexy, hot daughter who looked a bit like a slut his spirits were up, just a his long time pussy hungry dick. He was right, this babe was a real slut so he had no trouble whatsoever in seducing and fucking that girl's holes all over the place!
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Sometimes passion is right there and you just don't notice it until an accident of some sort makes you bump into it. Sandra called Cole to help her fix the damn light that's been bugging her for so long. Cole is her next-door neighbor, local handyman. He fixed it quick and she offered him dinner. A meal and a couple of drinks later she found herself in his arms, jumping up and down his huge, throbbing dick, sucking it and swallowing every last drop of his cum!
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